Cheap Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Most of the wedding dresses that I have seen since I was young were sleeveless or the ones designed to boast of their slim shoulders. But at the chance to glance the gorgeous wedding dress with long sleeves of a celebrity, it made me to have another thought that long sleeves dress can create more elegant look than ordinary wedding dresses. The cheap wedding dress with sleeves can be the ideal item for the brides who are dreaming to release sophisticated image with low-cost on their wedding day.

Beyond the Ordinary Idea

You may think that wedding dress with sleeves is expensive so that you can not even conceive the idea of buying such a high-end dress. As a matter of fact, long sleeves dresses need more costs through manufacturing process such as design, sewing, labor and fitting. So, there is some truth in your stereotype about the wedding dress with long sleeves. But you can still have many choices for the cheap wedding dress with sleeves.

Wedding ceremony is an event that can be taken during any season of the year. If you are planning to get married in winter, or if you are living in the region of which climate is cold all the time, you probably consider what sort of wedding gown you’d better choose. You may wonder whether the wedding dress with sleeves can be affordable as well as stylish. Our answer is Yes! We are introducing various types of cheap wedding dress with sleeves, and it will satisfy your needs.

Long Sleeve Dresses are Pricey?

Anyone who has an experience of making clothes will understand how different the suit with sleeves and sleeveless is and how much more effort you should make for putting the sleeves on the suit. Generally, “the cheap wedding dress with sleeves” doesn’t seem common. If we consider only in terms of the labor cost, the price of the wedding dresses with sleeves should normally be higher than sleeveless dresses. And it is even complicated not only to make the sleeve pattern properly but also to sew the sleeves to connect to the body of the garment. But there is something we should know. Added cost for working on sleeves is practically nothing of the total costs for producing one entire dress.

You’ll notice that most of those bridal gowns with sleeves are made of or has some laces. That is due to the difficulties of making sleeves work well with overall impression of the wedding dress. Sleeves neither have to be long to reach your wrist nor to cover all your shoulder. In other words, depending on fabric and design, the cost of raw material and overhead can be cut enough to cover all the extra labor cost. It is surely possible to produce and offer the cheap wedding dress with sleeves in the market.

Wedding Dresses of Royal Brides

Last year, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held, which was called a wedding of the century. Meghan’s selection of a simple wedding dress with boat neckline was enough to draw the worldwide attention. As everyone expected, it was also a long sleeves wedding dress. Not only Meghan Markle but also Kate Middleton who got married to Prince William selected a wedding gown with long sleeves. Back in the past, Princess Diana as well as Grace Kelly who became princess of Monaco, wore the long sleeves wedding gowns.

It is not just the case of royal families in Europe. Many of celebrities in the world tend to prefer a long sleeve wedding dresses highlighting their lofty elegance without showing their arms. Then, why do they love the wedding dress with sleeves? Because royal wedding dresses seem to be more about tradition and symbolism than high fashion. Nowadays, it is universally popular because sleeves add the elegance of classic bridal style.


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