Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress

The vintage style of wedding dress is creating more romantic and authentic nature of the event. The Nataya line of dresses added a new Titanic dress and it is old-world but fascinating with character and charm. Wardrobe Shop introduces the New Vintage Titanic Dress with the various sizes from small to 3X. Three other colors of this dress are available, so it is great selection as your cocktail dress or even tea party dress.

Price : $208

Color: Ivory, Sage, Black and Red

Size: S. M. L. X. XL. 1X. 2X. 3X

Place to Buy: Wardrobe Shop

Cheap Wedding Dresses for Plus Size

Shopping for wedding dresses can be stressful to any bride, but it can be even more complicated for the brides who are looking for the cheap wedding dresses for plus size. We can note that the most of the wedding dresses are designed to emphasize the line of slender girls. In fact, we all want to buy wedding dresses considering stylish as well as economical face. Therefore, brides who are not confident in shape because of their body size may have a narrow choice to find the cheap wedding dresses for plus size. But fortunately, as your thoughts change, you can choose your wedding dress that suits your mood and style. Here are some important things to know when buying the cheap wedding dresses for plus size, so just sit back and relax!


Open Mind for Yourself!

When searching for the cheap wedding dresses for plus size, try to be open-minded and look for the outside of your stereotype in mind. Sometimes, the dresses on display are not attracting so much, but can look even better on you than what you would expect. There is no rule as to which style you can choose. The more you try different styles of the cheap wedding dresses for plus size, the more you will find out which style will complement your body shape and which one will appeal to you.

Be Aware of Your Body Type

Regardless of size or shape, every woman wants to look beautiful in her bridal gown. Some brides in overall shape look best on A-line wedding dresses, while other brides look great in tight-fitting dresses. The best cheap wedding dresses for plus size is the ones that stand out what you think is the best part of your body and hide the areas that you feel are not the most flattering.

Don’t Wait until You Lose Weight

Do not wait until you lose the pounds to select the best wedding gown that you have dreamed. Generally, it takes six to eight months to produce a wedding dress, so if you wait too long, there is a risk of being limited the already-stocked wedding dresses. Just focus on finding the perfect style of cheap wedding dresses for plus size without blaming your body.

When you found the perfect wedding dress, it is important to order the dress in the right size. Do not order the dress in the size you want, but order the gown in the largest measurement. The seamstress will be always possible to adjust your dress to make it look perfect.

The More Research, The More Satisfied

Before you buy the cheap wedding dresses for plus size, it will be helpful to research your favorite designers. offers the wedding dresses of all sizes of various brands and designers. The well-known designers of wedding dresses for plus size are Allure, Alfred Angelo, Bonny Bridal Unforgettable, Casablanca, Da Vinci, Mon Cheri, Mori Lee, and Maggie Sottero.

Love Yourself!

The most beautiful brides are those who dress in confidence and release their own charm and aura. Self-acceptance and self-love are very important for body confidence. Taking a deep breath will help to relax and to calm the nerves on the wedding day. Just be yourself and enjoy it!


Beach Casual Wedding Dresses

If you are located in the region of warm climate or planning to have a wedding in summer, you probably have thought about a wedding at the garden or beach. Especially, the wedding on the beautiful sand reflecting the sunshine and the warm breeze with the sound of waves will make your wedding very special for both of you. Instead of the formal style of wedding gowns of the large ballroom wedding, it seems to be sensible for you to wear the beach casual wedding dresses to be in harmony with around nature. If you want to find the affordable beach casual wedding dresses, you are at the right place for your best choice.

Looking for Something Different?

Nothing is more romantic than a beach wedding! Every engaged couple wants to have a wedding that is unique and memorable, and to differentiate from the ordinary wedding that we have always seen. Dreaming of the one and custom outdoor wedding for yourself? Beach casual wedding dresses are the great selections for the brides who are planning something different on the day of their life event.

Bride on the Beautiful Sand

Bride and groom at the beach wedding are considering more flexible dress and suit to be comfortable walking on the beautiful sand. Here is my recommendation for choosing fabric for your beach casual wedding dresses. Chiffon is the most popular for beach casual wedding dresses because it is lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Charmeuse is another lightweight and soft fabric that is great for beach casual wedding dresses. Tulle is also one of the popular materials because of its relatively inexpensive price.

Alternatives for Your Daily Attire

Now you’ve decided to have a wedding ceremony at the beach, then it is definitely right move to select the casual wedding dress. You don’t have to dress up for a beach wedding and rather avoid a long veil because it will drag on the ground and become sloppy. The short and cute beach wedding dresses can be a good way to express your chic and characteristic sense. In case of super casual wedding dresses, you can use them for your daily attire with proper adornment. Why not?

Good Memory is on Your Hands

Having a beach wedding is the romantic and memorable event for the newlyweds. When you want to create your characteristic aura in your daily life, try your casual wedding dress as your specific expression with a coordinated jacket or some decorations. It will be very fun, and you can always remember your wedding day even on your everyday life.

Cheap Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Most of the wedding dresses that I have seen since I was young were sleeveless or the ones designed to boast of their slim shoulders. But at the chance to glance the gorgeous wedding dress with long sleeves of a celebrity, it made me to have another thought that long sleeves dress can create more elegant look than ordinary wedding dresses. The cheap wedding dress with sleeves can be the ideal item for the brides who are dreaming to release sophisticated image with low-cost on their wedding day.

Beyond the Ordinary Idea

You may think that wedding dress with sleeves is expensive so that you can not even conceive the idea of buying such a high-end dress. As a matter of fact, long sleeves dresses need more costs through manufacturing process such as design, sewing, labor and fitting. So, there is some truth in your stereotype about the wedding dress with long sleeves. But you can still have many choices for the cheap wedding dress with sleeves.

Wedding ceremony is an event that can be taken during any season of the year. If you are planning to get married in winter, or if you are living in the region of which climate is cold all the time, you probably consider what sort of wedding gown you’d better choose. You may wonder whether the wedding dress with sleeves can be affordable as well as stylish. Our answer is Yes! We are introducing various types of cheap wedding dress with sleeves, and it will satisfy your needs.

Long Sleeve Dresses are Pricey?

Anyone who has an experience of making clothes will understand how different the suit with sleeves and sleeveless is and how much more effort you should make for putting the sleeves on the suit. Generally, “the cheap wedding dress with sleeves” doesn’t seem common. If we consider only in terms of the labor cost, the price of the wedding dresses with sleeves should normally be higher than sleeveless dresses. And it is even complicated not only to make the sleeve pattern properly but also to sew the sleeves to connect to the body of the garment. But there is something we should know. Added cost for working on sleeves is practically nothing of the total costs for producing one entire dress.

You’ll notice that most of those bridal gowns with sleeves are made of or has some laces. That is due to the difficulties of making sleeves work well with overall impression of the wedding dress. Sleeves neither have to be long to reach your wrist nor to cover all your shoulder. In other words, depending on fabric and design, the cost of raw material and overhead can be cut enough to cover all the extra labor cost. It is surely possible to produce and offer the cheap wedding dress with sleeves in the market.

Wedding Dresses of Royal Brides

Last year, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held, which was called a wedding of the century. Meghan’s selection of a simple wedding dress with boat neckline was enough to draw the worldwide attention. As everyone expected, it was also a long sleeves wedding dress. Not only Meghan Markle but also Kate Middleton who got married to Prince William selected a wedding gown with long sleeves. Back in the past, Princess Diana as well as Grace Kelly who became princess of Monaco, wore the long sleeves wedding gowns.

It is not just the case of royal families in Europe. Many of celebrities in the world tend to prefer a long sleeve wedding dresses highlighting their lofty elegance without showing their arms. Then, why do they love the wedding dress with sleeves? Because royal wedding dresses seem to be more about tradition and symbolism than high fashion. Nowadays, it is universally popular because sleeves add the elegance of classic bridal style.


Shop Wedding Dress Online

When thinking about shopping your wedding dress online, sometimes a little of stress can come with it since this will be one of the biggest and important purchases of your life. On the other hand, shopping online for your wedding dress can make you feel relaxing, and more convenient with a various choice.


Cheap Wedding Dresses Online

Here’s something that we need to know about shopping online. Shopping wedding dress online can often save you money because of frequent online promotions. You’re also finding a various type of designer wedding dresses and attires of a low price at your comfortable place like your home. It is easier to compare several websites to get the best wedding dress at the reasonable price. Shopping wedding dress online is more helpful in terms of its enormous items. It is actually not possible for an in-store wedding shop to have inventory of every style and brand you love. If you shop online for your cheap affordable wedding dresses, you don’t have to travel from a store to another one to compare and select what you want. Nowadays, appreciably increasing number of people are making a decision to buy their wedding dress online throughout the United States.

Get Information about Bridal Size

You may be nervous to buy your wedding dress online because you are not able to try them on. But you are not the only one being with this issue. Just make sure to get as much information as possible about sizing for a dress with the right fit. Generally, the bridal sizing is totally different from sizing that you wear in everyday attire. It may also vary depending on the designers or brands. Before you purchase your wedding dress online, you need to make sure if the size in the list is bridal size or casual size. Just be sure to read carefully the size list specifically created for the brand you love. Get yourself professionally measured when choosing your size. Alterations can always be done as needed, so ordering the size of your largest measurement would be recommended.

Be Prepared and Order in Advance

“Don’t leave it until the last-minute.” This is important when you’re buying a cheap wedding dresses online. Your highly desired affordable wedding dress is popular item and many of brides are looking for a same style and brand. Especially, in case of custom wedding dresses, it is true that you have to order well in advance. Most of the bridal gowns take four to six months to place an order, manufacture, process and ship to the customer. Order at the last-minute may cause an extra charge. You should make sure order well in advance for your important day for any necessary alteration of your wedding dress.

Generally, the brides should order their wedding dresses six to nine months before the wedding day depending on the season of the year. To start looking nine to twelve months beforehand of wedding is ideal for allowing time for alterations. Finally, leave time to get your looks perfectly fitted and satisfied for yourself, which is important for your wedding day no matter where you buy your wedding dress.

affordable wedding dress


Affordable Wedding Dress

Wedding is one of the major life events in our lives. Most of the couples plan their own memorable wedding ceremonies. If you are considering about the cost of wedding, it is the right place for you to have choice of cheap wedding dress.

cheap wedding dress

Looking for Your Wedding Dress?

Searching the perfect wedding dress? You may have budget to consider. But you don’t have to worry. It doesn’t always mean that you have to give up high quality and style for affordable dress.

Reasonably Priced Wedding Dresses

It cannot be easy to be cheap that the day you’ve dreamed of all your life. Buying a wedding dress is unlike shopping for everyday attire. You are likely spending much money for your wedding dress because it is the one for you on the important day of your life. The average cost of wedding dress in the U.S. is about $1,000 and it is known that the range is between $280 and $1,650. It means you can buy your wedding dress for the price under $500 or less.

There are some factors that will impact your wedding dress cost. Generally, an elaborately designed wedding dress with lots of beading and pricey fabric like silk costs more than a simpler wedding dress, since more intricate gowns need more materials and skilled labor. If you’re looking for wearing a famous designer brand such as Vera Wang, it will be likely cost more. Also, there are several extra costs that brides should consider for their wedding dress cost and budget – alterations, undergarments and accessories, and cleaning and preservation. is responding to demand for cheap wedding dress offering options for under $500. If you are a wise bride, you’ll know that there is not much difference between an extremely detailed dress and a simpler dress at least in the photo. Remember that your wedding picture is forever, and cheap doesn’t have to look cheap!

Saving Cost for Your Marriage Life

Engaged couples can cut their overall cost of wedding in many ways because your wedding costs may vary depending on various factors. You can invest the money saved for a down payment on your dream house and put to better use for junior’s support and college education. Buying a cheap wedding dress will play one of the important roles in the economical manner for your brighter future.

Boost up Your Confidence!

You are already successful on your shopping for a cheap wedding dress as long as you are visiting Affordable wedding dress you have chosen helps you save your money for your better future. Now you can feel confident with yourself no matter how expensive or flashy dress you wear.

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I have worked as a technical designer in a subcontractor of a big fashion brand after I graduated from university. While I was working in the fashion industry, I realized that high quality cheap wedding dresses could be produced if they remove the unnecessary cost bubble driven from the manufacturing and distribution processes. I have been dreamed of offering low-cost, inexpensive but elegant wedding dresses that are available anyone with less income.

Dream is real! is a small space but precious where I can realize my dream. My goal is to help wise and economical brides who want being free from the burden of wedding cost by purchasing high quality, cost-effective dresses at reasonable prices.

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